New York City in How to Make it in America


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Joseph Zolfo (producer): One of the great things about How to Make it in America, is that the show is constantly after the heartbeat of New York City. The grid. The art. The culture. The restaurants. The clubs. The nightlife. Everything that makes New York interesting. All the texture of New York. That's what we try to capture on the show.

Victor Rasuk: I'm so proud of this job. Because so much work into it. I'm kind of losing my voice a little bit. But I'm proud of that too.

Bryan Greenberg: I used to look at it like it represented everything I wanted but I couldn't have. But I feel like I got a shot.

Kid Cudi: Everyone goes through that moment in their life. When they're just like, who am I really?

Bryan Greenberg: You're gonna encounter a lot of adversity. And people telling you that you can't do it. No, I have faith in myself and I'm gonna proof it to you. And I'm gonna make you sorry that you ever said that.

The path of success is varied and there's no linear way to get there. The stakes can really be raised overnight.

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