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Welcome to the first Boardwalk Round-Up

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Welcome to the very first Boardwalk Round-Up. Where Zach and his crew from the Boardwalk Times tackle all things related to Disney.

Loki & Scarlet Witch to Receive Disney Streaming Series

This was one of the more shocking news of the week. As Marvel usually does a different roster between the film MCU and the TV MCU. Exceptions obviously include Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell. Now Marvel wants to get into the limited series game. Eyeing Tom Hiddleston to be in his very own Loki series. Plus Elizabeth Olsen to have her very own Scarlet Witch series. This could be a fantastic way to introduce new characters into the MCU fold and also add some layers to already established characters. The Loki series may be a prequel series because of Infinity War. Yet Olsen's series could potentially be a sequel to her work in the MCU. Post-Avengers 4 it could be a while before Scarlet Witch is back on the big screen.

Whoever pitched this idea to Disney and Marvel deserves a raise. Although I'm sure all of us who love the MCU have thought of this at one point but never thought it could be possible.

Can Disney Be A Netflix Killer?

This is a subject I have been covering for a long time at Cultjer. Disney's impending streaming service. Does it have enough to be a Netflix killer? While Netflix spends $8 billion on new content. Disney will be utilizing their properties to create a formidable competitor to Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. This is where Bob Iger looks like a genius during the Fox deal. How doesn't Netflix, Amazon, or Apple try to nab 21st Century Fox from a content standpoint? At least Comast joined the war for the assets. Not to mention Verizon also wanted the assets. (You'll learn more about that in a special feature coming soon to Boardwalk).

Now Disney has the potential to bundle the Disney-centric service, Hulu, and ESPN+ into one workable deal for the consumer. Ricky Strauss will be piloting the streaming ship. Disney's streaming service has a lot to ponder, and its content strategy should be a fun follow. From new content, the inclusion of possible Fox branded content and the hours of programming from the classic vault.

Disney will have the upper hand once the service gets going. Netflix will lose all of Disney's content slowly. They will be left with the Marvel Original Series, and whatever content they can squander from the Mouse. Disney will have its Star Wars series, original movies, and theatrical releases like Captain Marvel and Dumbo once they exit theaters. They will have to wait for some films due to licensing deals but still it is about the long game.

Can Disney be a Netflix killer? Not at first but soon. Does it matter if Netflix has 700 originals? Sure but it also matters if they are good, and can they compete with other intellectual properties. Disney's spending approach should benefit them in the long game. Plus this is where the Fox deal makes sense.

I'm sure I'll be discussing the streaming service again soon.

Nutcracker and Ralph Preview

Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Well, obviously Ralph Breaks The Internet has gotten more hype. Despite The Nutcracker and the Four Realms should certainly provide a good Disney fairy tale vibe. Ralph is getting way more attention despite Nutcracker arrives earlier. So I asked one of my staff members at Boardwalk Times Elizabeth Pfeiffer her thoughts on both films.

The new Wreck-It-Ralph looks awesome! I got to see the preview of the princess scene last year at D23 and if the whole movie is as good as that scene it should be the best Wreck-It-Ralph yet!

As for Nutcracker, I'm not really looking forward to it.

Here are my thoughts on both films.

Ralph has me excited due to the story they are trying to tell. I like that the film is going to be self-aware and it will feature a lot of Disney cameos. I think it should be a nice addition to the Wreck-It Ralph collection. It should further grow the property and allow Disney to utilize it more outside of films. Just look at its engagement at The VOID. Not to mention the potential of a Disney Parks attraction if the film does financially well.

Nutcracker is fighting an uphill battle. When in reality more people should be excited about this film. It is Disney's take on the classic Christmas tale. Keira Knightley and Morgan Freeman are in prominent roles. Ballerina Misty Copeland is also in the film. My hot take is that this film will be better than A Wrinkle in Time. It should also do financially better. Not to mention this is technically an original concept out of the Mouse House. So if you want more original concepts from Disney in the theaters. You minus well support it. We all know Disney doesn't make films like McFarland USA and Miracle nor do they make films like Bedtime Stories and Prom. So although this film is a fantasy epic it should be watched as an original for Disney.

'Mary Poppins Return' Trailer

'Mary Poppins Returns' Trailer

One word to describe this trailer is whimsical. It is loving and warm just like Christopher Robin from earlier this year. The film looks like a delight just from the trailer. Emily Blunt looks like a worthy Mary Poppins. Lin-Manuel Miranda looks stellar. Dick Van Dyke is as charismatic as ever. The film really nailed the sequel look which is hard to do when the original came out in 1964. Rob Marshall directed Mary Poppins Returns from David Magee's script.

The attention to details is what matters in this trailer. Hand-drawn animation and the kooky style of Mary Poppins is felt. Hopefully, we get an original song from Richard M. Sherman. Also, let's hope Marshall addresses where Bert is. Let's CGI Dick Van Dyke come on! A little strange that Julie Andrews wasn't involved at all.

'Captain Marvel' Trailer & News

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel Trailer

I think this trailer was the perfect tease. Showing Captain Marvel in different costumes, and showing young Nick Fury in action. I'm excited to see the introduction of Skrulls into the MCU. Not to mention all the questions that will be finally answered surrounding Fury's pager in Infinity War. Also, Captain Marvel has the chance to be cameo galore.

After Thoughts: Disney's High School Musical Series Sounds Bizarre

Did we really need a High School Musical meets The Office type series? I mean is it going to be Disney's attempt at a subtle, more-PG version of Glee while using three movies worth of material. The concept overall seems flawed. When High School Musical is one of their best intellectual properties especially for the young demographic. Although the show will take place at East High it is bizarre that the show High School Musical will be put on as a normal school musical. Disney obviously didn't look at my tweet. I know they want to bring Apple, Amazon, and especially Netflix to their knees but maybe you save some ammo for the future. A High School Musical series in the same vein as Cobra Kai would be magnificent. I mean sure the original cast is busy but let's say the first season is ten episodes. Tell me they wouldn't take a gigantic payday for ten episodes? Also, it would attract both audiences, the people who grew up with High School Musical, and the kids who still love it now. Even if they don't go the full Cobra Kai angle and get Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. At least get more of the original cast. That sounds more charming and more binge-worthy than a series that basically is self-aware about the original material. Disney should know that the most, that nostalgia sells. Even look at Netflix's formula! Reviving old shows often get better viewership. Netflix did it with Fuller House. NBC did it with Will & Grace. ABC captured the magic with Roseanne before it disappeared. CBS is trying with Murphy Brown.

Even look at Disney's live-action slate. It is better to just continue the original concept than to alter it into something that it shouldn't be. Maybe this series comes out and I enjoy it. Currently, on paper, it has me less excited about a High School Musical series. Come on Disney this one is almost impossible to screw up.

Well, that's it for the first ever Boardwalk Round-Up! I hope you check out the Boardwalk Times for all your Disney Parks and Entertainment needs. As this column continues we will have more fun and deep dives to explore. Also, more faces from Boardwalk should be showing up very soon.

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