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Meet Piper, Pixar's Newest Short Film Character

What Pixar Short Will Premiere This Summer With 'Finding Dory'

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Pixar, the arguable champion of animation, is famous for putting on hilarious short films before their movies. So it leaves us with a question… What will premiere with the highly-anticipated Finding Dory?

Alan Barillaro, a long-time Pixar animator, would one day find inspiration for a Pixar short. It was about birds, sandpiper birds to be specific. Barillaro would run along the beach and notice these birds until he would decide that those birds could play perfect movie characters.

After getting encouragement from Andrew Stanton and John Lasseteer, like all great stories it would evolve. The story went from birds on the beach, to a bird named Piper learning the ways of the food chain from the parent.

Barillaro says, "It's the kid at the playground feeling" and it sounds like it will be fun to watch. The official story of Piper is a tale of a sandpiper bird trying to overcome the fear of water.

Singer Adrian Belew will score the short film.

Piper and Finding Dory will fly and swim into theaters June 17.

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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