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Which Side Are They On? The Marvel Heroes Not Appearing in Captain America: Civil War

ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter Well, as most movie sites are reporting about the current political landscape in Georgia. I decided the common people would love for me to write an article on Marvel Cinematic Universe, not the Marvel Political Universe.


Wade Wilson at least according to the story arc in the comics is on Team Iron Man. So that would mean he would be Pro-Registration. Deadpool was assigned to hunt down all superheroes who didn't register.

Baymax and Big Hero 6

Yes the Disney Animation Film Big Hero 6 was based off a Marvel comic. Big Hero 6 is not affected by the Civil War because they are in Japan. The Japanese government is influenced by the Civil War and the group's leader Hiro supports the registration act. The group would be on Team Iron Man.

Fantastic Four

The family becomes divided during the Civil War. Reed is on Team Iron Man. Johnny and Sue go to Team Cap after the death of a friend. The Thing sits out the Civil War. The implications are so huge Sue and Reed leave the Fantastic Four for a while and ask Black Panther and Storm to take their place.

The Punisher

The Punisher is on Team Captain America due to disapproving Tony Stark's strategy to add Super-Villains to the Pro-Registration team. The Punisher plays a somewhat big role in the Civil War.

Ms. Marvel

With her identity already out she is on Team Iron Man. She also tries to recruit Luke Cage and Jessica Jones to register. Jones and Cage do not comply.

Hank Pym

The original "Ant-Man" was a big factor to the Pro-Registration side. During the war he helped Reed Richards and Tony Stark design the superhuman prison. Although a plot twist in the Civil War reveals it never was the real Hank Pym… Which makes the Marvel Universe more interesting.


Daredevil is on Team Cap and is also hunted down by Deadpool during the Civil War.

The Hulk

If Hulk was in the Civil War he would totally be on Team Iron Man.


Wolverine stays neutral until he joins Team Cap to finally finish off Nitro. Nitro in the comics was one of the main reasons the Civil War happened.

I hope this piece was interesting and gives you some extra knowledge going into the Civil War!

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Captain America Promo Poster - Whose Side Are You On
Captain America Promo Poster - Whose Side Are You On

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ZachPerilstein ZachPerilstein Disney Reporter

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