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Kick-Ass and Hit Girl

2. Kick-Ass

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong "This is awesome! I look like frickin' Wolverine!" — Dave Lizewski

Riffing on the huge popularity of the superhero genre, Kick-Ass brings together several strands of contemporary comedic techniques and combines them into a cohesive and remarkably audacious bloodbath of funny mayhem. The movie plays out like a deconstruction of all those crime and comedy movies we loved. Itʼs a cocktail of everything thats violent about Pulp Fiction mixed together with the humourous quibs that Superbad enlisted. But its brilliance is embedded with its ability to perfectly harmonise these two very contrasting aesthetics. Its a balancing act throughout, but Kick-Ass is never weighed down by its attempts to fuse them together.

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JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong

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