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Amanda Knox

Netflix documentary 'Amanda Knox' is a layered take on the media frenzy (TIFF Review)

burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief Netflix delivers another Steven Avery-like case, showing all sides of the Amanda Knox-story, and the murder she was convicted of.

The Memory

By now most of us have heard the name Amanda Knox in the news a couple of times. It had a vague, weird murder sex case connotation in my mind, not having followed the case closely at the time. And I'm sure I wasn't alone in this. Where's smoke, there's fire as they say.

Amanda Knox with her lover after the murder
Amanda Knox with her lover after the murder

The new Netflix documentary 'Amanda Knox' tries to take care of this vague memory once and for all. Amanda Knox herself tells her side of the story. The Italian police and persecutors tell theirs. And news reporters explain how they build the story up and delivered it to the world.

The Case

After watching the film, there should be little doubt about Amanda's involvement in the murder. The documentary admittedly highlights her side of the case, but it's her story. It's not a simple 'whodunit' or a document on the murder of Meredith Kercher. Some complaints after the film came out focus on the lack of her presence or her story, but it's not called 'The murder of Meredith Kercher' for a reason.

Because 'Amanda Knox' is not just a story about murder. It's also a story about how the media can convict someone, and ruin a person for front-page stories (or clicks nowadays).

The Media

One of the most interesting aspects of the film is a UK news reporter, who just writes up the craziest stories about Amanda. And even today, he seems totally oblivious about his or other media's role in the case. I'm not saying they're the sole perpetrators here, but come on, this isn't a case where the media was "just reporting the news."

Amanda Knox-story reporter
Amanda Knox-story reporter

It's an interesting documentary for anyone who likes to watch a good murder case. And who doesn't..? Maybe even we, as dedicated viewers and readers of these stories, aren't as innocent as we think we are.

'Amanda Knox' premiered at #TIFF16 and will be available on Netflix September 30.


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