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American Hustle

People believe what they wanna believe. American Hustle On DVD This Month: American Hustle American Hustle nominated for 10 Academy Awards Speed Drawing: American Hustle Academy Conversations: American Hustle Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy David O. Russell for American Hustle Best Actress: Fighting A Losing Battle? Featurette: American Hustle - The Director Everybody hustles to survive! Bradley Cooper & Christian Bale are cool men walking! Amy Adams and Christian Bale go out in American Hustle Jennifer Lawrence with too much make-up Fancy a smoke? Bradley Cooper puzzled Bradley Cooper stars as FBI agent Richie DiMaso in David O. Fancy 80's Jeremy Renner Bradley Cooper makes face, wears gold Christian Bale having fun with sigar American Hustle gang Jennifer Lawrence's fancy hair