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American Hustle
Speed Drawing: American Hustle

Speed Drawing: American Hustle

To celebrate the 2014 Academy Awards season (with help from Movieclips) SpeedDrawManiac has been creating unique, one-off movie posters inspired by the Best Picture nominees.

Here's what the self proclaimed "speed-drawing-maniac" had to say about this piece:
"American Hustle is one of the more fun nominations for best picture this year, it's certainly director David O. Russell's riff on Martin Scorsese's crime pictures, as well as heist movies( the Ocean's movies, Snatch, etc.). All in all it's pretty darn entertaining. With the poster we incorporated the painting that Christian Bale's Irving Rosenfeld uses to educate Bradley Cooper's Richie DiMaso about the nature of conning (it's Rembrandt's "Saint Bartholomew, it's in the Worcester Art Museum, and yeah, it's real), as well as what we felt was the heart of the movie: People believe what they want to believe."

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