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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review

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Film Gob's Jane Tamato gives an alternative view to Marvel's latest.

The summer movie season begins with this overstuffed sausage of spandex heroism, built up as a grande finale but turns out to be another setup for a future episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Russo Bros actually try to deliver something worthwhile after years of Marvel Studios purposefully holding back with daytime television scripts and jobber villains. The action scenes in Infinity War resemble children slamming their toy figures together, and comedic dialogue picked straight from Twitter fan fiction (Ben & Jerry jokes anyone?), with the star of the show being Thanos, a humanised purple space Hitler. I'm sorry, but with Josh Brolin being so problematic IRL, I was offended by his casting alone. And the fact Thanos' first victim is a black man, I was seething with anger.

The rest of the cast phone it in and don't look like they're having FUN. Chris Evans barely says anything, Bendydick Cumbersnob and RDJ look confused as to who is playing Tony Stark, Mark Ruffalo comes across as if he was plucked from an Aldo Jones Weird Trailer edit.

At times, the movie's narrative is such a disaster, I felt like I was being smothered with fatigue. The musical score didn't help, sounding like it was downloaded from Youtube. Don't get me wrong, there were moments I enjoyed, but I can barely remember them. I'm sorry, but 150 minutes of passable mediocrity and brand management is not an achievement. Yet the MCU fanboys, self proclaimed 'Marveltards', will eat it up.

In summary, I would place this quote on every poster, "Avengers Infinity War: Slightly Better Than Rampage"

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