Black Panther (2018) Movie Review


Jane Tomato reviews Black Panther for @FilmGob

The King is DOA

Don't believe the hype, Black Panther is a stodgy tale of internecine feuding, like Thor but more African looking. An insipid, soulless, and overproduced bore in which the superhero T'Challa doesn't get to do much of the 'jump around beating-up bad guys' thing that Marvel delightfully fed us over the past 10 years. The giddy exuberance is gone, with no Baby Groot in sight. What is here is Michael B Jordan, doing that angry face he does.

The plotting is predictable and the cartoon-like CGI action sequences for the most part are unengaging. The heavy dialogue had me confused. This mega-budget misfire may be blindly defended by the unwashed masses of Marvel's core fan-base, but with a bloated 2 hour, 15 minute running time, it's difficult to care.

After a decade of multiple whitewashed roles, minorities being relegated to comedic relief sidekicks and cosmetic decoration in the MCU's parade of endless white male leads, i can say that it's too little to late, Mr Feige. Take it from someone who's dated many POC, these crumbs you've thrown at their table will not be easily munched upon.

Black Panther is the blackest movie in the whitest franchise, and that's a problem.

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