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Countdown-Teaser No. 3 | Breakdown

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor Apologies this one is late! As you may know, the main trailer dropped yesterday so I was watching and re-watching that all day! But here are the key parts from the final countdown-teaser we received!

Our first shot is a new perspective of Wonder Woman's jump/launch over the top of Steppenwolf:

Wonder Woman v Steppenwolf
Wonder Woman v Steppenwolf

We have seen another shot of this but this one delves a little more into the sequence and context of the scene.

If you watch the teaser - you can see Steppenwolf's armour moving and changing shape - Zack has said his armour reacts to the situation to defend him. Will it be enough against the League? We shall see!

Our next shot is a BIG one.

Batman atop the War Machine
Batman atop the War Machine

This shot, among many, pretty much broke the internet.

Here we see Batman at an unknown location atop his War Machine - pulled directly out of Frank Millers' "The Dark Knight Returns'.

Some online think this takes place in the Knightmare timeline. Some think it is before Batman finds the cacoons of the Parademons. Either way, it will be amazing to see this War Machine in action.

Our next shots/sequence takes place in Themyscira.

Amazons vs Steppenwolf
Amazons vs Steppenwolf

Here, an overhead shot showcases Steppenwolf taking on the Amazons after his arrival to retrieve their Mother Box.

We then get this brilliant shot of Hippolyta facing Steppenwolf and looking at her warrior Amazons.

Themyscira Battle
Themyscira Battle

This sequence will be much more intense and feel like a real fight. If you watch the teaser carefully, you can see Steppenwolf throw an Amazonian warrior into the air to be caught by a Parademon - great detail.

I also particularly love the shield block of a Parademon laser shot - bottom right corner by the Amazon warrior.

Our last shot is of Cyborg in action during the final battle.

Cyborg in action
Cyborg in action

Cyborg, as Zack has referred to as 'the heart of the film', is seen in all his flying glory here - flying between two collapsing buildings.

This will take place during the final battle in Russia between the League and Steppenwolf. The context of this shot and sequence is yet to be known - but we will find out soon!

Thank you, again, for reading and following my teaser breakdowns!

I will be doing a full trailer breakdown as well - there is an extravagant amount to unpack in that!

Remember, stream Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max on March 18, 2021.

Thank you!

George Taylor

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