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Edgar Wright tweets (then deletes) photo of Buster Keaton

Edgar Wright tweets (then deletes) photo of Buster Keaton

Edgar Wright and Marvel are currently in the middle of their break-up. Last week it was announced that Wright had stepped down as director of the upcoming Marvel film, Ant-Man, amidst rumours of creative differences.

Since the announcement, nothing has really been said from both sides, both deciding to remain fairly quiet on the matter. That was until Wright tweeted a photo (above) of Buster Keaton holding a photoshopped Cornetto with the simple tag of 'selfie'.

This is nothing new for Wright who has tweeted countless photos during his time on twitter with the phrase 'selfie' attached to them. But what is interesting is why he decided to chose Buster Keaton? The internet began to buzz when this tweet was sent out, which was deleted not long after by Wright.

The link between the tweeted photo and Wright is quite strong. Buster Keaton famously said in 1928 that he had made "the worst mistake of my career" letting film executive Joseph M. Schenck talk him into giving up his independent status and go to work for MGM, a booming studio at that time. Looking at the photo above, it’s not hard to connect the dots to Edgar Wright as Buster Keaton, and Marvel as MGM, luring the sad filmmaker away from his indie roots.

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