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Failed Proposal - Superman Reborn (Between 1993-19

Failed Proposal - Superman Reborn (Between 1993-19

Warner Bros. purchased the film rights of Superman from the Salkinds in early 1993. Warner Bros. handed screenplay duties to Jonathan Lemkin some time in the mid 90’s who ended up writing the script titled, Superman Reborn. Lemkin took a different approach to handling the Superman persona. Lemkin made Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s love life troubled at a time when Superman is battling with Doomsday. After confessing his undying love for Lois, Clark Kent/Superman die. On his death bed he gives Lois a virgin birth. Now, if that hasn’t grabbed your attention maybe the next part will. Their new born child grows 21 years-old in three weeks and is proclaimed as the resurrected Superman. Unfortunately for Lemkin and Warner Bros. a lot of people thought the script stunk. One of them was Clerks director and self-proclaimed comic book geek, Kevin Smith. Smith thought Lemkin’s version didn’t pay homage to the original comic, believing Superman had morphed into some kind of camp superhero. Warner Bros. where impressed with Smith’s foresight they hired him to rewrite the script. Before ink could touch paper, Smith came across some problem’s, namely with Barbara Streisland’s former hairdresser now turned Hollywood producer, John Peters. Go to the next and watch Kevin Smith tell you the story in a way only he could tell it...

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