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Film Review: Dark Was The Night

SDeathrage SDeathrage A small-town sheriff investigates the appearance of a strange creature in this atmospheric horror film.

Dark Was The Night is a dramatic horror film with a slowly unfolding familial subplot. The tension builds as clues begin to surface that a terrifying creature is stalking the residents of a small logging town. Kevin Durand plays the quiet, teary-eyed sheriff, who is haunted by a family tragedy. Lucas Haas plays a street-weary deputy that's come to the small town for a change of pace. As mysterious, cloven footprints lead all the way through town, as though something was peering through residents' windows, the townspeople whisper about a legendary monster that inhabits the woods, leaving its dismembered victims dangling from treetops. The menacing creature is rarely seen, always just out of frame, concealed by darkness, or speeding away in a flash over fences. Dark Is The Night features some striking cinematography shot in with a steel grey filter, such as the image of birds fleeing some menace filling the sky behind a church steeple, and the image of a deer carcass lying in the middle of a desolate road, illuminated by cop car headlights, the blood running from the corpse a vivid red. The cinematography effectively creates the atmosphere of a cold, foreboding landscape, where a dangerous predator lurks. Good CGI, special effects, foley work and an ominous score flesh out a chilling tale of a town threatened by an unseen, mythical beast.

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