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Film review: Stung

SDeathrage SDeathrage Giant wasps attack in this horror/comedy.

Julia's catering business is just getting started, and she's been hired by Mrs. Perch to cater her garden party outside her foreboding, run-down mansion. She's brought Paul, her slightly clumsy bartender, and together they set up the soiree. Unbeknownst to them, Mrs. Perch's creepy son has fertilized the garden with some dodgy fertilizer, which causes ordinary parasitic wasps to transform into enormous, man-eating, parasitic wasps.

With good cinematography, decent special effects, and effective lighting, Stung makes do with a slightly humorous script that could use a few more jokes. Some standout scenes included a moment where thousands of wasps burst forth from the ground like a buggy Old Faithful, a kitchen covered in blood after a host for the wasps explodes, a stinger through the eye, and at least one wasp wearing a party-goer's face as a hat. Featuring gooey creature effects, moderate gore, a good score, entrails, toppled outdoor furniture, and enormous larvae, you could do worse with Stung.

Stung Official Trailer

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SDeathrage SDeathrage

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