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From the Ashes of Tragedy episode review

TVFanatic100 TVFanatic100 This is the premiere episode of the highly anticipated series from the creators of American Horror Story.

The episode starts off with a neighbor finding a dog barking. He sees the dog's feet are covered in blood. He finds a dead body near the gates at OJ's house. A policeman searches his house and finds nothing but a bath full of water. The opening is very tense and eerie. They do find bloody shoe prints outside and they also find a letter. The cops got to OJ's other house, a cop searches the perimeter and finds his car, it has blood on it. The cops call him and they tell him that his ex wife is dead. The cops immediately suspect him for the murder because he doesn't ask how she died. Marcia Clark, a lawyer, gets a phone call from the police and is convinced they have enough evidence to arrest him for the double murder.

Marcia Clark the lawyer who tells the cops they have enough
Marcia Clark the lawyer who tells the cops they have enough evidence to arrest him.

He arrives back home and a ton of people are outside of his house. OJ agrees to go down to the station and talk to the police. A cameraman gets video of the police putting hand cuffs on OJ, so he knows he's a suspect. Marcia receives the tape of the questioning of OJ. She gets really mad because she doesn't think the cops grilled him enough for information and took it too easy on him because he's a celebrity. OJ is mad that the cops are still at his house, he yells that he didn't kill her. I think Cuba Gooding Jr. did a great job portraying OJ in this episode. Next OJ hires Robert Shapiro as his new lawyer and he convinces Rob Kardashian to join the team. Robert tells OJ to tell him anything off the record before he agrees to represent him, he tells him that he didn't kill her and that he loved her.

Marcia Clark found a witness who claims OJ sped past her, yelled, and beeped at her. OJ fails a test and he gets really mad, and his acting is perfect in this scene. OJ goes to his Ex wife's funeral next and he kisses her forehead in an emotional scene. OJ Simpson's blood was found at the crime scene and the glove was a mixture of his and the victim's blood. They get a warrant for OJ's arrest and it's a special circumstances case, so their will be no bail, he'll be stuck in jail until the trial. They're late to arrive at the police station with OJ. OJ writes letters to his fans, kids, and mom. He also writes a will and threatens to kill himself. Rob ends up convincing him not to. At the end of the episode we find out that OJ left the house and took his car before the cops got there.

The premiere episode was excellent, the best pilot I've seen since Mr. Robot's last year. The story is shocking and there are many twists. The acting of course is good, the cast is full of veteran actors who know how to act. All of the characters on this show are interesting. Plus the episode goes by really fast. The camerawork is also really good. You should definitely get caught up on this show. It's on the FX Now app and it's available On Demand.


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