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The Hateful Eight, Snow

The Hateful Eight (2015) Movie Review

TVFanatic100 TVFanatic100 The Hateful Eight is set in the times that directly follow the end of the civil war. It's about a bounty hunter who has a girl name Daisy with him who is worth $ 10,000 and a group of bounty hunters who are stuck in a cabin because of a blizzard and they all want the bounty that's on Daisy.

First off, I wasn't very excited about this movie based on the trailers and because I'm not a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. I think his movies rely too heavily on violence and profanity and they're just not that good. This movie really surprised me though. It was really good. Here are all of the positives of the movie. It has beautiful backdrops. Wherever they filmed it, that was a smart choice to film there. This movie has beautiful camera work and cinematography. The opening of this movie was very tense and suspenseful. I wasn't impressed by the first two chapters of the movie though. This movie has the same setup as Inglorious Basterds, which is the chapter setup. I like that a lot. Every single character in this movie is interesting because they all have their own secrets. This movie was really really funny for a drama. There is a lot of humor and I laughed out loud a lot. There are some impressive dialogue driven scenes between two characters in this movie. This is the first major movie role for Walton Goggins and he really impressed me. All of the actors in this movie are really good, it's a stellar cast.

The Hateful Eight, Guns
The Hateful Eight, Guns

This movie does a good job of introducing us to new interesting characters in every chapter. The character development in this movie is also impressive. We learn new things about each character in every chapter. It is a slow moving movie but in a good way. It also has a long runtime but it doesn't impact this movie negatively, I actually like it being this long. Bruce Dern is the standout actor in this movie but really the whole cast does excellent. There are so many intense scenes in the cabin. There is some intense back and forth between Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Dern, especially when Samuel tells something personal about Bruce Dern's son. Chapter three vastly improves on chapters 1&2. I also like the narration they introduce in chapter 4. There also is a cool flashback that shows what Daisy's secret is. A cool spoiler thing happens to Kurt Russel's character and another character in the cabin. There's also an intense interrogation scene that happens in the cabin and there is a great shootout in the cabin.

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chapter 4 positively improves on an impressive chapter 3. Another cool flashback in chapter 5. Suspenseful beginning to chapter 5. Then there is another cool shoot out. This movie is extremely violent, maybe too violent, even for me. Don't take your kids to it. There is also an interesting plot twist that effects Daisy and Jody. Chapter 5 is just as good as the previous 2 chapters. I like the relationship between warren and Chris. It's amazing to me that almost the whole movie takes place in a cabin and it's still outstanding. There is a cool moment at the end of the movie which involves the Lincoln letter.

Overall, this is a great movie. I only have a few flaws with it. There is way too many uses of the "N" word. The first two chapters are very weak compared to the others. There is almost no story. It is very violent. Other then that, you need to check this movie out. It's great and it comes out January 1st.

Cinematography 10

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