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Fun Facts: Titanic

Fun Facts: Titanic

• The filmmakers of Titanic spent more than five years researching the ship and the details of her sudden sinking.

• The crew had to create a new kind of camera so they could film the actual Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, as normal cameras could only hold one roll of film, and reloading it was obviously not an option.

• In between filming, Leonardo played Nintendo in his dressing room and went through a stage of playing poker in the hotel bar.

• The world premiere of Titanic was at Tokyo film festival on November 4 1997.

• Most of the shots of Titanic at sea aren't real, but the real scenes were shot in Baja, Mexico. Many of the extras were Mexican people.

• When Jack and Rose are "flying" and they kiss, the sunset behind them is real. They had to film the scene in only a few minutes before the sun went down.

• The "frozen" people in the ocean were covered with a powder that crystallises when water touches it.

• All of the extras in the film went through an etiquette class so they would know how people in 1912 talked, acted and moved. The waiters learned how to serve and what to say.

• When the ship started to go down, it sent up flares. During the real disaster, there were no red emergency flares on Titanic, so instead the celebration flares were used. A ship did happen to see the flares but thought nothing more of them than a party on a ship.

• It was James Cameron's hands you saw doing the sketch of Rose nude. He also did the other drawings in Jack's portfolio.

• The scene that Kate Winslet spits in Cal's face was actually thought up by Kate herself. It took 20 takes and her mouth became dry so director James Cameron put KY-Jelly in her mouth as a substitute for spit.

• LSD was put into the punch bowl one day on the set and production for the day was cancelled.

• Both DiCaprio and Winslet admit to peeing in the water tank to stay warm and because they were too lazy to get out and use the bathroom.

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