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Goat Movie Review

TheCjWynnerSaga TheCjWynnerSaga Parents... You should shield your eyes. You don't want to know what your kids are up to at college these days... Especially if there in this fraternity. Despite the fact that the fraternity in this film isn't rainbows and butterflies, Goat tells an effective and harrowing tale of the utterly disturbing world of college hazing, lead by solid performances by Schnetzer and Jonas


Based on the memoir by the same name, "Goat" tells the story of incoming college freshman Brad Land (Ben Schnetzer), who is coming into his first year on edge after a horrific assault months before his first day at fictional college Brookman University. Brad decides to join the fraternity Phi Sigma Mu on the advice given from his older brother and current member of the frat, Brett (Nick Jonas). Once the year begins, so does Hell Week, the week where the current fraternity members weed out the new batch of recruits for the frat. However, the new recruits, as well as a couple of the current members, start question how far is too far in this yearly fraternity ritual.


By far the greatest part of this film is the lead performance by Ben Schnetzer. Schnetzer continually proves that he is one the best and most versatile young actors today. Whether it be his impressive performance in 2014's 'Pride' or his more recent smaller roles in Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' or 'The Book Thief'. His only "meh" performance was in 'Warcraft', but that's not really his fault considering the film surrounding him. Point is that Schnetzer can do many different roles of different depth and levity and he is becoming one of my favorite up-and-comers. I'm going to be completely honestly.... Nick Jonas is effective enough in this movie. Yes, I know. I'm just as surprised as you are. But he serves this role very well,

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TheCjWynnerSaga TheCjWynnerSaga

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