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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez Logan marks the final film in the X-men franchise for the animal himself Wolverine. This movie in at it's core, displays just how important the human spirt truly is. Logan is set in the near future where mutants are all but extinct. Logan's healing factor is degenerating at a rapid rate. He's life now consists of driving people around for cash and taking care of an ailing Professor X. Logan welcomes death and does not shy away from that fact. Logans no care attitude towards others is on maximum overdrive in this film. His only concern is taking care of Professor X who. Charles himself, is in constant need of support though the aid of pills and 24 hour nurse type attention. Charles is plagued by violent seizures, which cause mutants and humans to be rendered into a state of sheer pain. X-23 is a breath of fresh air to this franchise. She brings not just the rage that Logan posses but a innocent yet neieve understanding as to who she really is. She is still piecing together her own story much like Logans entire life.

This movie really is a good send off to a long thirteen year engagement from Hugh Jackman. It really is a bittersweet movie that makes us want him to return to the role for future X-men films. But we have X-23 to look forwarded to. Her story will continue on and we will still get our claw welding, rage filled, mutant saga that we all enjoy.

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