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Miles Teller gives his view on success in Whiplash

Miles Teller gives his view on success in Whiplash

Clip from Whiplash with Miles Teller, Chris Mulkey and Paul Reiser.

Uncle Frank (Chris Mulkey): You got any friends Andrew?

Andrew (Miles Teller): No.

Well, why's that?

I don't know, I just never really saw the use.

Well, you can play with otherwise.

Lennon and McCartney, they were school buddies, hey, am I right?

Charlie Parker didn't know anybody until Jo Jones threw a symbol at his head.

So that's your idea of success then?

I think being the greatest musician of the 20th century is anybodies idea of success.

Dying broke and drunk and full of herion at the age of 34 of not exactly my idea of success.

I'd rather die drunk and broke at 34 and have people at the dinner table talk about me. Than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remember who I was.

Ah, but your friends will remember you. That's the point.

None of us were friends with Charlie Parker. That's the point.

Travis and Dustin, they have plenty of friends and plenty of purpose.

I'm sure they'll make great school-board presidents someday.

Oh, that's what this is all about. You think you're better than us?

You catch on quickly, are you model UN?

I got a reply for you Andrew. Do you think Carlton Football is a joke? Come play with us.

Four words you will never hear from the NFL.

Who wants desert?

And from Lincoln Center?

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