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Neill Blomkamp Talks More About His 'Alien' Movie

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong Neill Blomkamp recently spoke more about his upcoming Alien movie, when he appeared on the Empire Movie Podcast.

He states that if he had his way, he'd make more than one Alien movie as he believes there is enough for "at least a film, if not more."

Blomkamp revealed how he became attached to the project:

"When I went back to Vancouver for 2014 unclear of what I wanted to make, I knew that my artistic compass kept driving me to Alien. Whenever I wasn’t needed on Chappie, I spent time on Alien, to the point where I hired my own concept artist and fleshed the entire movie out, basically. Even then, I still didn’t know if I wanted to do it."

Blomkamp went on to say, "Well, the thing that actually made it really clear was that we have xenomorphs all over the house [including drinking glasses depicting graphic scenes from the films]. No bullshit, that actually is what made me realize that there’s a massive portion of my brain that’s taken up by the world of the xenomorph. And I’m like, ‘Hmm. Valid point."

Neill Blomkamp's latest movie, Chappie, is currently in theatres now.

Meet Neill Blomkamp's Chappie

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