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Hail, Caesar!
New Coen Brothers' film will be 'Hail Caesar' star

New Coen Brothers' film will be 'Hail Caesar' star

Deadline reports that Hail Caesar is the next film for the prolific duo, with George Clooney attached to star. The script focuses on Eddie Mannix, a mover-and-shaker in the 1950's tasked with protecting the seedier and more questionable aspects of the lives of certain movie stars. This was a regular occurrence in the movie world in the 1950's, where some of the bigger stars of the era had plenty of dirty laundry that had to be taken out.

This would be Clooney's fourth collaboration with the Coens. Their first, and most beloved, was O Brother, Where Art Thou?, an unlikely hit that found Clooney as escaped ex-con Ulysses Everett McGill, who accidentally becomes a folk musician star in his journey to see his estranged wife and kids.

No word on whether this will be a lighter Coen comedy, or a dark drama with comedic undertones, though the report claims it is "comical." With the Coen brothers, that could mean the cartoon world of The Big Lebowski or it could be the fatalistic place that swallows up Gabriel Byrne in Miller's Crossing.

So far, no details determine a potential release date, but it's always exciting to hear about a new Coen Brothers film.

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