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Riz Ahmed, 'Sound of Metal'

Sound of Metal (TIFF review)

burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief ‘Sound of Metal’ is Riz Ahmed’s subtle take on a drummer losing his hearing and joining the deaf community.

When we first meet Ruben (Riz Ahmed) is drumming as if his life depends on it. With his girlfriend he has a two-man band touring in an old bus they live and sleep in as well.

But soon something unexpected starts to happen. All of the sudden, without any reason, Ruben’s hearing starts to go.
He goes to see a doctor, but he's in denial. This is just temporary and he can just get a simple implant like the doctors tell him and he will be fine.

But as time passes he realizes, being a former addict, he can't do this alone. Through some people he meets Joe, and Ruben joins Joe’s deaf community.

Slowly he starts to adjust to his new life, but having always done something with sound it's hard for him to fit into this different, silent world.

Undeniably, Riz Ahmed is the person who brings this story to life. His emotions, though sometimes difficult, always seem authentic, and when the story drifts off Ahmed makes sure everyone keeps paying attention.

Riz Ahmed, 'Sound of Metal'
Riz Ahmed, 'Sound of Metal'

We are fully transported into the world of the deaf with him. A community where many don't see being deaf as a disability. In that aspect it's a rare film that doesn't treat its subject with simplicity.

'Sound of Metal' takes a gripping look into the deaf community, and Riz Ahmed delivers his most stunning yet subtle performance yet.

'Sound of Metal' screened at #TIFF19 and has since been acquired by Amazon Studios.


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