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'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' may have to wait until 2018

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong Buried within some Justice League chatter in this Ain't It Cool News report is the revealing information that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is being delayed from its original date into 2017.

This is a big deal because while the third film already carried a 10th June 2016 date, The Amazing Spider-Man 4 also had a date for 4th May 2018. Sony also had directors on-board The Sinister Six and Venom, with hopes of starting one of those films early next year. Postponing Spider-Man likely means that, unless people want two Spider-Man movies practically back-to-back, Sony will have to surrender that plum 4th May 2018 slot, the best 2018 date on the calendar.

Sony head Amy Pascal was reportedly boasting about the new Spider-Man grossing a billion dollars worldwide. Right now, as we speak, it's on the cusp of $700 million, considerably less than a billion, and the lowest-grossing Spider-Man movie by over $50 million. Worse yet, that's with half-a-billion coming from overseas. In America, the film has yet to reach $200 million, not a good look considering the budget was somewhere around $240-$260million.

The numbers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have to do with an expanding worldwide marketplace and the 3D surcharges. If we're talking purely domestic, each Spider-Man film has grossed less than the previous entry. And with a dozen years of inflation plus those 3D surcharges, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't even able to gross half domestically what Spider-Man pulled in during it's 2002 release.

This bump to 2018, could be a temporary scenario, but if it sticks, is a harsh dose of reality for the Spider-Man franchise.

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