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Zack Snyder teases the Batman vs. Superman Batmobile

The Batman

ChrisChavez ChrisChavez With the anticipation of Ben Affleck's Batman solo movie down the pipe line, we have had a verity of different news regarding batflicks new grand adventure. Ben has made it clear, that he does not want to start production until the script is nailed down to a point that he would deem it Batworthy. I think that this solo adventure might be the defining DC movie because of one simple reason that DC keep neglecting. Ben is taking his time! The key reason that DC movies keep falling short is because they rush their projects into production so fast, that they neglect to catch all the plot holes that plague their stories. In the race to beat Marvel in the box office, they need to realize that Marvel took many years in becoming the cinematic power house that it has become. They took their time with all aspects of the film process. DC can be just as good if not better than Marvel, if they can just simple slow down and develop their amazing rolodex of superhero's. Wonder Women will set up the up rise of DC, but Batman will define their legacy just as Christopher Nolan's films did. On press junkets for Bens resent films, the Batman question is repeated with each interviewer. He states to them all that he wont begin production until the script is up to his standers. I can fully understand if Ben seems overwhelmed with this project. To create a new solo Batman movie that quickly follows up after the underwhelming Batman V Superman film, this movie needs to work...and it can. There were several spot on depictions of Bruce and Batman that they nailed down. Not to mention the amazing warehouse fight scene! That's how Batman fights! If they keep that same feel and intensity they can create one hell of a Batman movie. Only time will tell what happens in the next big screen adventure of The Batman.

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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez

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