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First image of Tom Cruise on the set of 'The Mummy'

The Mummy

ChrisChavez ChrisChavez When we heard there was going to be a Mummy reboot we all asked ourselves one question..would Brendan Fraser reprise his role as Rick O'Connell? Well when news began to trickle in about who the cast was we all took a second to think about the choice that was made for the lead role. It was announced that Tom Cruise would be the main man leading the way in this reboot that we all dint see coming. The first trailer was released today along with all the comments from the fan favorite 1999 film that we all loved. The film makes it very clear that it sets its self apart from the other films in the franchise. We see Tom and a team transporting the coffin of the Mummy Ahmanet (Played by Sofia Boutella). We also see Tom's character die and brought back to life somehow? The plot is still unclear but the movie does peak my interest and I will be watching this when it arrives in theaters June 9th 2017. The question that still reminds is that will this movie live up to the Mummy name or will it fail in comparison?

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ChrisChavez ChrisChavez

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