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The Strain

First Look at 'The Strain' Season 2 The Strain Season 2 Red/Blue Strigoi Poster Close-up of The Master in The Strain Strigoi worm going inside eye, The Strain poster Strigoi shot with nail gun, nice teeth.. The Strain Setrakian and the german vampire fight in The Strain The german nazi WWII officer / strigoi in The Strain Nasty ass strigoi in The Strain Vasiliy throws molotov cocktail at strigoi Abraham Setrakian hunting vampire Jonathan Hyde as billionaire and immortality seeking Eldritc Female hacker in The Strain The hooded Master, The Strain Quilan, the vampire hunting vampires in The Strain Strigoi launched stinger onto car window How Abraham Setrakian encountered the Master in the concentration camps during WWII Eph nails strigoi in garage Dinner for the German vampire in The Strain Eph (Corey Stoll) under investigation at the FBI Vasiliy Fet with strigoi in the back Eph in handcuffs, The Strain Kevin Durand sees vampire in The Strain Vasiliy (Kevin Durand) and a strigoi Little girl on the plane in The Strain Fat vampire on the street in daylight between cars Guillermo Del Toro behind the scenes, make-up for The Strain Dead strigoi stinger in The Strain Mía Maestro and Corey Stoll in The Strain episode Occultati David Bradley on the hunt for vampires Guillermo Del Toro working on The Strain (TV) He's here... Full FX The Strain trailer David Bradley as holocaust survivor Abraham Setrakian fighti The Strain blood on wall promo The cast and crew talk about the story and biological nature Mía Maestro, Corey Stoll and Sean Astin in The Strain The scary little girl in The Strain The rock star guy in The Strain Sean Astin in The Strain (TV) Scary little strigoi in the bathtub. The Strain Cutting open a strigoi in The Strain The CDC in The Strain