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Nasty ass strigoi in The Strain

The Strain losing momentum as we near the final episodes (S01E09)

burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief Last week we were locked in a gas station for the whole episode, cornered by strigoi — or vampires, as you wish. And this week we're out, but basically watching an episode where nothing really happens. Are these filler episodes or has The Strain lost its momentum?

As we're getting closer to the final episodes of The Strain, not much is left of the scientific approach in the pilot episode. A group of vampire hunters has formed and well, that's about it for now.

Vasiliy throws molotov cocktail at strigoi
Vasiliy throws molotov cocktail at strigoi

The times of the CDC's involvement are long gone. Somehow the outbreak is still not public — people apparently don't talk if the internet and phones aren't working. The rock star that got invected, he's not killed off right? Where has he been hanging out? Or the billionaire, immortality seeking Mr. Palmer. All he gets is short vague scenes, and we haven't seen him in a while either.

What I'm trying to say is, there were so many interesting characters.. And now we're left with the cliches (hot female hacker anyone?) on the hunt, or should I say running from vampires. At least gangster Gus is left (with his invected friend), but he'll probably join the vampire hunting gang in the upcoming episodes as well.

Quilan, the vampire hunting vampires in The Strain
Quilan, the vampire hunting vampires in The Strain

And what about the vampire hunters that are actually vampires themselves? I mean, what the hell? We see them at the end of an episode, you think it's getting interesting, then we never see them again..

Setrakian and the german vampire fight in The Strain
Setrakian and the german vampire fight in The Strain

Now I understand this is not The Walking Dead, and I'm glad it's not. I mean the pace of that show left me stranded somewhere in the second season. But right now the writers seem as brain dead as the strigoi. Well, wait, we still have the flashback to the WWII concentration camp with the german strigoi — who's not as brain dead somehow, as he is in close connection to "the master". But that's as much depth as we get.

It seems that Guillermo del Toro can easily entertain you for an hour or two in the theater, but when it comes to tv, the story is just falling flat.

How Abraham Setrakian encountered the Master in the concentration camps during WWII

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