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Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker'

TIFF 2019 Preview: The Big Premieres

burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief With #TIFF19 about to start, here’s a small selection of all the big-star movies at the festival:

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' trailer

'Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ director Marielle Heller returns only a year later with a film about the friendship of Mister Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys.

Public Screenings: Sat Sep 7, 6:30PM and 8PM / Sun Sep 8, 3:15PM / Sat Sep 14, 2:30PM

Ford v Ferrari

'Ford V Ferrari' Trailer 20th Century Fox

James Mangold (‘Logan’) directs Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the highly anticipated battle between Ford and Ferrari in the 1960’s.

Public Screenings: Mon Sep 9, 5:30PM and 8PM / Tue Sep 10, 10:30AM / Fri Sep 13, 9:30PM / Sat Sep 14, 4:30PM


JOKER - Final Trailer

Todd Phillips’ take on the Joker origin story is not to be missed, especially with Joaquin Phoenix’ lauded performance.

Public Screenings: Mon Sep 9, 9PM / Tue Sep 10, 2:30PM / Fri Sep 13, 9:45PM

Bad Education

Hugh Jackman in 'Bad Education'
Hugh Jackman in 'Bad Education'

‘Thoroughbreds’ director Cory Finley returns with a comedy about the largest school embezzlement scandal in history, starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney.

Public Screenings: Sun Sep 8, 6:15PM / Mon Sep 9, 3PM / Fri Sep 13, 7PM / Sat Sep 14, 1PM

Just Mercy

A Harvard-educated lawyer joins a wrongfully-accused man to fight the system in this drama featuring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson.

Public Screenings: Fri Sep 6, 6PM and 8PM / Sat Sep 7, 10AM / Sat Sep 14, 11AM

Knives Out

'Knives Out' trailer

‘Star Wars’ director Rian Johnson brings an all-star cast of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, to name just a few, in this crime drama where the truth is hard to uncover.

Public Screenings: Sat Sep 7, 6PM / Sun Sep 8, 11AM

Lucy in the Sky

'Lucy in the Sky' trailer

It wouldn’t be TIFF without a Natalie Portman movie. This year Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley debuts with the story of an astronaut who questions here place in the universe after returning home from space.

Public Screenings: Wed Sep 11, 9PM / Thu Sep 12, 2:30PM / Fri Sep 13, 1PM / Sun Sep 15, 5:45PM

The Aeronauts

'The Aeronauts' trailer

‘The Theory of Everything’ stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones take to the sky in this story about a daredevil balloon pilot in 19th-century England.

Public Screenings: Sun Sep 8, 3PM / Wed Sep 11, 8PM

The Laundromat

'The Laundromat' trailer

None other than Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas star in Steven Soderbergh's latest film about the crimes that came to light by the Panama Papers.

Public Screenings: Mon Sep 9, 6PM / Tue Sep 10, 2:15PM / Fri Sep 13, 5PM / Sat Sep 14, 3:15PM

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burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief

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