Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters (2016)

Time for the new team


Who you gonna call???? A new cast! It's reboot season and what better way to start it off than a all female ghostbusters cast. I am a child of the 80's and loved the original movies. I was ready for a bran new movie with the older ghostbusters cast but than again it would be odd watching old men chase ghosts. So a reboot is adequate in that sense. I normally am not a fan of reboots unless its totally necessary...''Point Break''

I really am torn between excitement and shear restraint for this movie. I do dig the cast and I am sure the humor will be on par with that of the original. But it's the story that I am worried about and the recent picture of their so called villain. State Puff Jr? We shall see when the girls take on Ghosts on July 15th 2016

Stay Puff JR?
Stay Puff JR?

There are no special effects here. I am 100 percent practical effects.