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Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise Wants To Make 'Edge of Tomorrow 2'

JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong Edge of Tomorrow was pretty decent success last year even though it struggled to find itself amongst a sleuth of big releases it was fighting with at the box office. However, star of the movie Tom Crusie is keen on making a sequel to the time-hopping sci-fi flick.

Cruise recently revealed to MTV that he has an idea for a potential sequel. He said, "I pitched it to Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation director and Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. We were there one night and I was like, I’ve got an idea for it."

Cruise also mentioned that he has spoken to co-star Emily Blunt about returning, with the actor saying she said, "It could be so much fun. Gotta get Emily. I was like Emily, please. She was like, ‘give me another year, please."

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JamesArthurArmstrong JamesArthurArmstrong

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