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A Dangerous Method
2 minutes with Keira Knightley. A Dangerous Method

2 minutes with Keira Knightley. A Dangerous Method

Interview about her character Sabina Spielrein in A Dangerous Method, featured in Film On Air Magazine no. 6.

Keira Knightley: David Cronenberg, he sort of, he goes, yes, I believe you can do this. And you go: okay... And somehow you do. And it's incredibly exciting. So it's the something and the difficulties, you know, it makes you feel alive.

David said to me: how do you feel about doing a touch of Russian in there? And I go, I love, I loooove doing accents. So I was like, yeah, great, great, perfect. And then he said, okay, specifically I want mid-Atlantic with a Russian blush.

I was quite terrifying actually. I first read the script and I went, God, this is amazing. And sort of said yes to doing it. And then went, oh, this is really difficult. Wow. How do I? So I started with the book that Christopher Hampton based the original play on, called A Most Dangerous Method. And I didn't understand a word, because it's all in psychoanalytical talk. And I didn't know anything about it.

She thinks she's the devil. She think foul, filthy and corrupt. So I sort of wanted something facially that expressed that.

A huge part of it is the costume. So it was great that we managed to find something that made it that she's never fuzzy, she's never perfect of that period. Because if you think you're disgusting. If you think you're that foul, you don't dress yourself up and have the hair done and have everything else. Because you don't want people to look at you because you disgusting.

She was absolutely besotted with him. And she sort of believed that he was the savior. And that she'd have this child that would be a hero by him. So I think, yes, it was a love. Maybe not completely sane love. But certainly it was love.

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