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A Dangerous Method
2 minutes with Michael Fassbender. A Dangerous Method

2 minutes with Michael Fassbender. A Dangerous Method

Interview about his portrayal of Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method, featured in Film On Air Magazine no. 6.

Michael Fassbender: Jung looked up to Freud so much. But he is the next... It's kind of like Freud's own philosophy. He's gonna kill the father and take over. And for somebody like Jung, who was so ambitious and so driven, I think with both these characters. You know, Freud didn't like to be questioned.

The fact of the matter is that he was just sort of open to kind of anything. Whereas Freud was very much set in one form of psychology. This idea that all neuroses essentially springs from the sexual origin. And I think Jung has a problem with that.

If these two men did perhaps get over their quite sizable egos, perhaps we would've seen a more rounded idea psychology and the human mind. It would've been interesting if they would just had continued and allowed each of their opinions play relevance.

It always helps when I put on a costume. You do all your homework at home. You're in your tracksuit, bottoms, whatever. Barefoot, and then slowly you put on the shoes. And you start to wear the shoes that the character wears. And this sort of stuff. And people had intrigued little things. Like this, like this pocket watch. A real elegance about the time.

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