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A Dangerous Method
2 minutes with Viggo Mortensen. A Dangerous Method

2 minutes with Viggo Mortensen. A Dangerous Method

Interview about his portrayal of Sigmund Freud in A Dangerous Method, featured in Film On Air Magazine no. 6.

Viggo Mortensen: It's about, not so much how bright they were. And what pioneers they were. It's about the mistakes they made. How imperfect they were. That's where the passion is. That's where the emotion in the story is. And the humor.

I mean, I did what I always do in one sense. I read everything I could possibly find. That Freud had written. That other had written about Freud. What Jung had written. What they had written to each other. Their letters. What Sabina had written. What her ideas were. How much credit she was given or not. By Jung, by Freud.

He looks quite serious, you know. But what you realize when reading about him. What contemporaries said about him. And even reading his letters, the letters he exchanged with Jung. There is a very dry humor to him, you know. A lot of times a deadpan humor, which has been really fun to play.

Keira has to go through some very traumatic, intense moments in this movie. Emotionally, mentally, physically. It's incredible, I'm really glad she's playing the part. I think she's gonna surprise a lot of people.

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