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Albert Brooks and the cast talk about Bernie Rose in Drive

Albert Brooks and the cast talk about Bernie Rose in Drive

Albert Brooks talks about his character Bernie Rose in Drive.

Albert Brooks: Bernie spent his life dealing in legal to illegal situations, depending on how he wants to make his money.

Marc Platt: For Albert Brooks to play a gangster. And a guy who has his own anger and can lash out and kill within an instant, is fascinating to watch.

It gives me something that I've never played before. Which is a guy you really don't wanna fool around with.

Adam Siegel: Any idea that Bernie Rose isn't just your stock villain, but somebody who you feel mournful for. Who you care about. Who like drivers and men with a back against this wall. That's a challenging thing to do.

Nicolas is doing it differently.

Nicolas Winding Refn: Very much spent time to really build him up as a nemesis of Driver. You know. This is his Lex Luthor.

Gigi Pritzker: You don't realize, what a bad guy he is until the film starts unfolding.

I don't know how much to give away, but let's just say I've never killed anyone in a movie before.

Ryan Gosling: I also didn't think he'd would wanna play a character that was so violent and that's so dark. But he really wanted to play that character. I mean, his first day at worked he called me. And he was like, Ryan, I think I killed somebody at my first day of work. I'm Bernie Rose. Watch out.

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