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The Descendants
Alexander Payne talks about casting for The Descendants

Alexander Payne talks about casting for The Descendants

Behind the scene on The Descendants Set in Hawaii.

Alexander Payne: In casting, I like to audition. I like actors to come in and read the words. I want to meet them and talk about it, you know. Feel each other out a little bit.

Writer Kaui Hart Hemmings: I love the cast. I love every single one of them. I mean, George Clooney, he's great. But it's the other people who are a part of the cast, who are really thrilling to me as well. Matthew Lillard, Judy Greer. The kids: Shailene and Nick and Amara. Just being directer by Alexander and his team. It's a fine, fine way to start.

Beau Bridges: Two reasons a really wanted to be involved in this, was because of Alexander Payne and George Clooney. I mean those two guys are at the top of their game. And they're also very nice human beings. And the make the workplace really an atmosphere of fun and joy.

Matthew Lillard: The casting process was amazing for me. So I walked into Alexander and I said: look, the chance of me playing George Clooney's wife's lover are very slim. So I'm gonna do this, because my kids are gonna take them to the movies. And I can act and I can be very charming. But let's just do it. And we'll get this over with.

Alexander Payne: Then he did his audition and he acted fast. I like it when actors act fast. So, I told him later that he should do more auditions with the kids in the car.

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