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Thor: The Dark World
Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Thor

Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Thor

Anthony Hopkins interviewed about Thor: Am I a comic book fan? No I'm not. I knew very little about Thor and the Marvel comics. I mean I was aware of them, but I've never seen Spider-Man, but I got involved in this film because of Kenneth Branagh the director. My agent phoned and said would you like to play Odin? I said Odin, the God? So I met Ken and I didn't know him well, but he's a very nice guy. A hugely talented man, great actor and a terrific director.

Working with Kenneth was wonderful. He's very present and you're getting the sense that he's running the whole show. He's very disciplined and in command of it all. And he appreciates the crew and the actors. That's all you need.

In this interview Anthony Hopkins also talks about his character Odin in Thor. Odin's dilemma in the movie. Working with Chris Hemsworth on set and being part of the big Marvel universe.

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