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The Tree of Life
Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain talk The Tree of Life and Terrence Malick

Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain talk The Tree of Life and Terrence Malick

First of all, it begins with Terrence Malick. His reputation in the industry. What he's done with his films and actors and basically everyone who appreciates his work wants to work with him. People are just drawn to him.

Producer Brad Pitt: We were developing something else with him. And that we've been working on for a couple of years. And this came up and he invited us in to help produce. And another actor was involved and he fell out. And I said, what the hell. Let's go.

Casting the mother was a challenge. Because she had to be someone who just exuded love. And Jessica Chastain, she's just so natural and so beautiful. She embodied all that we imagined of the mother.

Brad Pitt: She's really committed and she herself has this elegance that you can't attain unless you're born with it.

Jessica Chastain: When I first met Brad, it was right before we did the courtship section of the movie. So Brad and I were like, hey, nice to meet you, and all of the sudden we're on the grass. We're like playing with each other's hear. And he was incredibly nice and charming and smart. And just a really great guy. And then the next time we worked together we're jumping right into the marriage and with the children. And he really went for the difficult, scary scenes.

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