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Moonrise Kingdom
Bruce Willis plays a really nice cop in Moonrise Kingdom

Bruce Willis plays a really nice cop in Moonrise Kingdom

Bob Balaban talks about Bruce Willis in the movie Moonrise Kingdom.

"Behind me you’ll notice a map of the island of New Penzance. Its the locations for director Wes Anderson’s new exciting new movie Moonrise Kingdom."

He explains what its like on the set. "Bruce Willis is one of the stars of our movie. He plays Captain Sharp. we’ve all seen Bruce Willis playing some very tough policemen. Here he is playing a really nice cop. Hes laughing, I don’t think that was part of the scene. captain Sharp is the police chief on the island. And in fact hes the only policeman on the island and he has the only car. He drives... and he takes care of law and order.

here he is discussing a big break in the case, with Francis McDormant and Bill Murray. Their daughter has run off with the Khaki scout that Bruce Willis is looking for. Mr. Willis always tried to make the little Khaki scouts he was working with, feel relaxed. In one scene he actually deputized some of his Khaki scouts. They were very happy to become Junior policemen.

Now here he is in this exciting action sequence. The rain is only movie rain, but it was still wet and cold. Mr. Willis spent a lot of cold hours filming in that rain, but he didn’t have to hang upside down. That was a double. Here’s the crew congratulating Bruce Willis on his last day on the set. We all had a really good time, making this movie.

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