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Carey Mulligan as Irene in Drive

Carey Mulligan as Irene in Drive

Carey Mulligan: Nic was on fantasy wish list of directors to work with. He's brutally honest and incredibly tender. And understands character and emotion as well as he understands action and pace.

Adam Siegel: When we were working on the screenplay, we never imagined Carey Mulligan will play the role of Irene.

Nicolas Winding Refn (director): The minute she walked in the door I knew it was her.

Carey Mulligan: She's a single mother and she's looking after her son. Her husband is in prison. And she's quite kind of moral and struggles quite a lot with everything that happens when she meets Driver.

Carey Mulligan: They fall in love. But it's not in the sort of conventional sense. There nothing ever sort of physical. And nothing's ever said. And nothing's ever done. I mean they're both like respectful. But there's sort of an undeniable thing that has happened.

Adam Siegel: It's a love story paired down to its bare essentials. It's free of all the fluff.

Marc Platt: She, like Ryan, has a way of communicating and conveying an awful lot by what she doesn't say.

Gigi Pritzker: I think Carey without question holds her own within this very male environment.

I can't compare it to another film, really. And from what I've seen it doesn't remind me of anything. You know. The whole thing is sort of a dream.

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