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Puss in Boots
Choreographing the dance fights in Puss in Boots

Choreographing the dance fights in Puss in Boots

Put up your dukes.


Very well. Hu!

Chris Miller (Director): Dancing just felt like a natural fit for Puss in Boots.

Olivier Staphylas (Animation Supervisor): We were terrified by doing dance moves that are so complex, fortunately the studio hired choreographers and dancers.

Laura Gorenstein Miller (Dance Choreographer): I’m Laura Miller and I am the choreographer for the dance sequence of Puss in Boots. So what I would do is take the storyboards into the studio with the music and shot by shot choreographic it with my dancers. Then I would film it and I would take it back to the animators.

Latifa Ouaou (Producer): The challenge was to find the right cat moves to make the dance more memorable and specific to the animal.

The animators, they can do anything. We came up with a litter box, and the scrout (?) and all these funny cat moves. The animators have taken it to crazy levels.

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