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Thor: The Dark World
Chris Hemsworth talks about Thor

Chris Hemsworth talks about Thor

Chris Hemsworth interview for Thor.

Chris Hemsworth: I'd probably go for a fly. If it flew like that hammer. I'd probably visit some other realms and see the universe and then come back and do some good things for humanity. I play Thor. He's the God of Thunder. And it's based on Norse mythology and then there's the comic books. In this particular story he's the prince of the nine realms and he's about to take on the throne and he's very hot headed and opinionated. Through his arrogance he reignites a nation's war. And then he's outcast to earth in human form and he learns what it takes to be a hero and earn those powers and privileges back.

In the interview Chris Hemsworth also talks about how he got to play Thor. How it was working with director Kenneth Branagh and being on set. Working with Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. How he feels about being part of the Marvel universe. Training for Thor. The amazing visual effects of Asgard in Thor. How Thor got to the Avengers. On reading the comics after getting the role. And why everyone should see this film.

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