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Christina Hendricks as Blanche in Drive

Christina Hendricks as Blanche in Drive

Adam Siegel: When James Sallis, the author, came to the set, he said: we've been following all the casting news on the internet. Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston and Carey Mulligan and Albert Brooks. And I said: did you wonder for a second who Christina Hendricks is playing. And he said: not for a second. I knew immediately it was Blanche.

Christina Hendricks: Blanche is an exotic dancer. She sees an opportunity to sort of start again, you know. Take the money and run. The next thing you know, I mean, everything's gone wrong. And he she is in this car, with Driver and much more involved than she ever thought she would be.

Did you have any idea there would be a second car? I already told you everything.

Nicolas Winding Refn: She just had a very likability about her.

Marc Platt: She's really, really gifted. And she takes a small role and make it entirely memorable.

Ryan Gosling: There's no one really like her. She's very like meticulous about every little detail. And even the way she holds her foot. Or little things that she does with her hands or her feet that are specific to her character.

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