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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Daniel Radcliffe on the kiss in the last Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe on the kiss in the last Harry Potter

This is why Joe Rowling and Steve Kloves are so clever. Is that, just because the battle starts, it doesn't mean the rest of the film stops. Because all the other characters and all the other relations and all the other stories carry on in the battle. That's what's great. That's why you don't feel it's just a battle sequence. Because all those other things that you know from Harry Potter, like the humor and the romance and all that stuff, is all feeding into. you know, Harry's not experiencing too much humor or romance, but we just get a mid battle kiss. Which I instigated, I have to say, the other day. I said, we should probably kiss at this moment wouldn't we? It might be one of those moments sort of: I could be dead at any minute now and we should probably kiss. So there's one of those moments. But it's like all those stories carry on within the battle. I mean, it's gonna be huge, yeah.

They all know, that the reason they here and the reason they're on this journey is much bigger than any one of them, or even all three of them, or even all of their friends and their families. It is bigger than all of that. And for three 17-year-olds to sort of have that maturity and realize that that's what's at stake is much more important than any of their individual lives is quite impressive and what makes it a very moving story. The fact that these three kids, no matter what faults they have, are ultimately totally selfless.

He starts of the most composed and the most in control we've ever seen him. In the first part of the seventh. And then by the end of the second part he's almost totally lost his mind. So it's a really interesting journey for his character. Because he's going from someone who's sort of very stable and kind of in control and evil and malevolent, but is nonetheless steady. And as Harry starts distorting parts of his soul, he starts slowly kind of losing his mind as well.

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