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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Daniel Radcliffe talks about playing Harry Potter in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Daniel Radcliffe talks about playing Harry Potter in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

What did you enjoy most about making Part 2?

In the second part? I have to say, being beaten up by Ray Fiennes was pretty fun. It wasn't always comfortable, but it was fun. I did quite enjoy it. I enjoy scenes like that, where I get slapped around a bit. It's quite fun. So that was good. That was definitely a highlight. Being on the underground cart, which takes us inside Gringotts. Being on that cart with Rupert, a guy called John, Warwick Davis, Helena Bonham Carter and then Emma was great fun. Because we were all soaking wet. We were just making jokes and it was hilarious. It was really, really good. That was a fun day, definitely. A fun few days.

What was the most emotional part of the film for you?

Weird enough, the most emotional shot of the film was probably the last one. Which was not an emotional scene, but it was a shot of me jumping into a fireplace at the end of the Ministry of Magic chase scene. And then after that, that was our last shot in the film. And that was how we ended it. I think the other emotional scene in this film is the one that I've been most looking forward to as well. It's the scene where I walk into the forest and find and suddenly I see my parents and Sirius and someone else standing in front of me. And that was an emotional scene also, because Gary came back for it. And also because Adrian and Geraldine playing my parents are wonderful. And personally it's so sad, because I would've liked to act more with them.

Daniel Radcliffe also talks about the key theme in the last movie. How Harry Potter set the bar for movies that followed. And if it was sad knowing this movie was the last one in the Harry Potter series.

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