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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Daniel Radcliffe tells the bizarre story of his casting in Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe tells the bizarre story of his casting in Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe: Okay, so I thought, to begin at the beginning, how involved were you in the casting process? And how much do I have to thank you for ... ? But do you remember working with Chris?

J.K. Rowling: Yeah, I was involved. Not to the extend the I was sitting in on auditions. But they were keeping me really fully informed. As you know, we found Rupert and Emma and they were perfect. And that was a done deal. And we still couldn't find you. Well, you say how you were found. It was amazing, really.

Daniel Radcliffe: It was a bizarre kind of moment. Originally, what had happened was that David Heyman, the producer, knew my dad. Because my dad had been a literally agent. And my dad had worked with David's mom. And so David sort of asked my dad if I would audition. And the original deal was that we'd heard, was going to be to do six films and it was gonna be done in America. And it was all sort of... But, I'm not somebody who particularly believes in faith and destiny and all those things. But my parents do. And so the final straw was the fact that I went to the theatre to see a production of Stones in his Pockets. And David Heyman and Steve Kloves, who adapted all but one of the books, happen to be sitting in the row in front. And I sat there for the whole time thinking, why does that man keep looking at me. And it was very creepy. It was very odd. And I remember at the interval, my mom and my dad both looking kind of quite intense about something. But you know when as a kid, you're aware that you're purposely kept out of the loop. You know, for your own good kind of thing. And I remember we went up the stairs and out of the theatre and then sort of hid behind a pillar, I seem to remember. But to some absurd notion that David Heyman and Kloves were gonna c
Chase after us. And, you know, grab me. And then there was some debate as we wether we would go back in for the second act. But I was really enjoying the play. And so we went back in and the next day they, my mom and dad sort of went: well, maybe it's the gods that kind of want to tell us something.

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