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Super 8
Did you hear about Joe? Super 8

Did you hear about Joe? Super 8

Staff Sergeant. Hi, how are you doing.

Hey mister Lamb! Ssssh.


Deputy Rosko (Michael Hitchcock): Hey, where the hell have you been. What are you wearing.

Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler): Come here! The Air Force set that fire. They want to town empty for some reason. The whole operation, the evacuation, everything. It's all bad. We need to find...

Rosko: Did you hear about Joe? Look, dispatch just got a call. Joe and some of his friends, they were grabbed by military personnel at the middle school.

Preston. You tell me everything and I won't throw you in jail.

Preston: Yes Sir. But I think you should look at this first. And he holds up a Super 8 film.

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