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Drive is a love letter to Los Angeles

Drive is a love letter to Los Angeles

Adam Siegel (producer): One of the things that's great about the book is that it was a love letter to Los Angeles. It was very important to the film making team, to the director Nicolas Winding Refn (director), to Ryan Gosling and to myself, the producer, that we'd shoot this movie in Los Angeles. And we get the feel of those streets and some of those locations that were mentioned. And that was a challenge, because it might have been cheaper to go elsewhere. But we dug in our heels and we're making the movie we dreamed of.

Marc Platt: It's immediately sort of LA centric. There's a noirish quality to James Sallis novella. And there's something about LA, because of the films that were made in the forties and fifties that conjures up the sensibility. There's something about the glamor that we know of Los Angeles as a culture. And yet seeing the other side of the city. The people that don't see the glamor. That is instantly compelling and interesting. And that regard LA is unique to the story and very much a character in it.

Nicolas Winding Refn (director): Being in the mythology of Los Angeles. And the movie is about filmmaking and people in films and the stunts and the illusions of film. And all those things just added to it. That it was a kind of just very strange, strange world.

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