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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Emma Watson talks about playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Emma Watson talks about playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Do you think Hermione came of age quicker in this film?

Yeah, it was amazing to make two films in one go. And obviously exhausting as well. But you really stay in character. And you really have time to develop and build up so much. There's much back story and history and so many things that you can bring into it, that it was really interesting to play this last film, definitely.

How do you feel you've grown as an actress throughout these films?

Absolutely, and the fact that I had a chance to work with I think it was four different directors was amazing. The fact that I had to experience and then as you say each film has its own individual character. So far Part 2 it was incredibly physical and really learning how to do those stunts and how to do these action sequences. And for Part 1, these very intense emotional scenes. And I feel like I've been to the best film school or acting school I could possibly... Nothing will ever be as, I feel like nothing will ever be as challenging in a way. And having to work with so many special effects and act nothing and imagine everything and it's been a real exercise for my mind and my body and everything. It has been amazing.

Do you think your experiences on these films will help you in the future?

What I've learned doing this, I will bring with me everywhere. More than anything I've realized. I've literally just come of my first other film. (The Wallflower movie) Yeah and I realized while doing it, I have so much stamina as a result of doing these. And it has just set me up so well. And I feel really strong and able to take on... there's pretty much nothing they can throw at me that would shock me. I've jumped on dragons, I've flown on broomsticks, I've worked with animals, I've done special effects. You know, everything. So it has set me up really well.

Emma Watson also talks about how she thinks of Hermione now. If she's afraid she will always be remembered as Hermione. How it was growing up while playing Hermione. And if it's difficult dividing time between acting and fashion.

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